Hair Care

Oiling is necessary to keep your baby’s hair soft and nourished. Regular oiling supplies moisture to the scalp and helps to increase blood circulation. CI Baby Hair Oil nourishes, protects, and strengthens your baby’s hair, and keeps them strong and silky. Extracted from the fresh coconut, grinded and pressed to get the natural coconut milk, it is then processed to separate water and oil. The derived oil is of the highest purity and quality.  Infused with essential oils, it protects your baby’s hair from damage and dryness. It offers complete hair care and acts as a natural moisturizer for your baby’s hair. Massage your baby’s scalp and strengthens the hair root for shiny and strong hair.

Ideal For: Baby Boys & Baby Girls
Main component: Coconut oil, essential oils.
No added fragrance
No chemicals, mineral, or Paraffin Oil
Suitable for: baby skin / sensitive skin

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